Aragona produces a line for women and men starting from the highest quality yarns. Cashmere is the main product in our collections, but also Extrafine Merinos, Cotton, Linen, Silk. The great technical experience accompanies the entire
production process, from the raw material to the final treatment of the knit, diversifying the finishing procedures with extreme accuracy, always guaranteeing excellent quality. Our dropped knitwear collections are woven using a wide range of machines, from gauges 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 14 up to gauges 18, from the latest Japanese seamless technologies to more traditional machines. Our finishing techniques use artisanal procedures such as the airbrushing of the garments, a spray dyeing process from which unique and inimitable sweaters are born, thanks to the creativity and manual skills of true artists.


from which the necessary fiber is obtained to produce a long cardigan


is the length of the yarn needed to make a Cashmere sweater


is the amount of cashmere that can provide a goat in a year

Million Goats

are raised all over the world: 75 million in China, 14 million in Iran, 9 million in Mongolia and 9 million in the rest of the world

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